Adolf Neufeld

Featured Runner – May
Adolf Neufeld
Age: 55
Job: Receiving Supervisor
Mantra: You could be sitting on the couch
Hobbies: Woodworking, spending time at the cabin
Favourite Distance: Full Marathon
Meet Adolf!
Adolf started running at 47, proving that age is really just a mindset and it’s never too late to take control of your health. He started running as some do, to take off a bit of weight and hopefully trigger a journey into a healthier lifestyle. Adolf like many out there runs for the numerous side effects that running brings you; the mental clarity, the stress release, the ability to eat without guilt. He’d run off and on through his forties but it never really took as he found himself continually riding the injury bench. It wasn’t until he found a local run club that he truly learned how to pace himself and establish a healthier training plan. His plan was to run 10km and then never run again and like many it didn’t take Adolf long to become hooked. The adrenaline, the community, the friendships all kept him coming back.
His first race was none other than the very first WFPS half marathon. If you ask him what that day felt like, what that very first finish line was like, you’ll come away with one thing; pride. When talking about crossing that first finish line his eyes light up, he holds himself a little higher and if you listen carefully you may hear a catch to his voice as the emotions of that day flood back in. It doesn’t matter how long ago that first finish line is, most runners when they tell you their story become emotional. It’s a day that forever shapes and changes their lives, a day where dreams become reality and some still can’t believe they did it.
If you’ve ever met Adolf one thing becomes very evident, he’s his own harshest critic. The untapped talent Adolf has is squashed by his own self sabotage race day. He admits that on race day, he allows the voices to come in and take over, an occurrence that almost every runner out there can identify with. Adolf isn’t a runner who has glorious finishes; he more often than not has a rough race day and finds himself heaving along course. Many people who have rough races would take it as an opportunity to give up. Not Adolf.
Adolf is the personification of grit. His favourite distance is the marathon, yet by his own admission he’s never had a marathon go the way he wants it to. He still keeps coming back to it, determined more than ever to conquer the worms that reside in his brain. The voices that tell him he’s too old, that running is dumb, that he just simply doesn’t have what everyone else has, that he’s just not good enough for success. All lies of course but those voices in his head are loud.
Those voices can make a goal that for months was the most important thing in your life, suddenly unimportant, they try their hardest to convince you that it’s ok if you quit, it’s ok to give up. Adolf knows though from personal experience that when you give into those voices; the regret runs deep and is forever haunting. A DNF is never easy to accept but it can fuel you moving forward, he knows that the next time those voices start to whisper in his ear that he has to shut them down.
When you ask Adolf what lies ahead for him in the running world he smiles and talks about numbers and times at first. It doesn’t take long though before you see the realization dawn in his eyes that the goal he’s hungriest for isn’t a mile number or a time, it’s to refocus. To perhaps shift his mindset from statistics to experience; to oh so simply find the joy he had that day he crossed his very first finish line.
A goal that there’s no doubt he can achieve if he can start seeing himself the way those who know him do; as a powerful, talented athlete who potential is limitless. Whose grit and determination to chase down his dreams inspires everyone around him. To stop judging himself by what he didn’t achieve, but by truly celebrating the goals he did; because once you believe you’re truly deserving of success the possibilities are endless.