WFPS Run Ambassador – Chris Dick


Name: Chris Dick @carmanrunner on instagram!

Hobbies: When not running I enjoy curling in Elm Creek where I attended school growing up. I enjoy kayaking, camping and hiking in the summer and am a gold medal watcher of Summer and Winter Olympics when they roll around. I am also involved in my church here in my hometown of Carman where many volunteering opportunities are always available. I am also a co-run leader for an after school run club in Carman Elementary School where I also work part time. Occasionally, I also like to play around on the keyboard. Just for fun though.

Hometown: Carman, MB

How many years have you run the WFPS: EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Favourite thing about the WFPS Run: One of my favourite things about the WFPS Run is the unexpected. Every year race director Jonathan Torchia and race committee seem to come up with a new twist that adds so much value to this race that the demand to take part in it just keeps growing. Good things just keep coming from that!