Melissa Price


Featured Runner – June

Melissa Price
Age: 35
Job: Financial Analyst
Hobbies: Running, Cycling
Mantra: You’re almost there
Favourite Distance: Half marathon


Meet Melissa!

Melissa has been a runner for around 20 years, starting with track in high school and recently venturing into the triathlon and duathlon world. A few years ago through work she came upon a fundraising opportunity that would lead her to look at running her first half marathon in the Cayman Islands. To say her training was nontraditional would be an understatement. Melissa found herself signing up for races to run as her training runs, but found racing every weekend started to take its toll. It was through chance that she found herself joining a local running club and was introduced to a different style of training; one that emphasized stress and rest and allowed for a social component!

Melissa, like so many was hooked! The friendships that were formed through shared suffering were ones that still run deep to this day. She found herself enjoying the new healthy lifestyle and wanted to support races that had local and personal charity connections for her.

Melissa has had the opportunity to work with runners of all abilities, from those just starting out their fitness journey to those tackling their first half marathon. She’s also been blessed with the opportunity to watch those who started off so hesitant to grow into strong and determined athletes; many completing their very first half marathon at the WFPS event.

The goal she wishes to conquer the most is the marathon. She’s taken on the distance several times but has yet to be satisfied with the result. It’s the very challenge of the marathon that keeps her coming back to it, pushing herself over and over again learning her personal limits as she grows.


Melissa has recently discovered the joy of pacing others to their goals, having paced for both the Hypothermic half marathon and the physio fit run. She found herself thoroughly enjoying distracting others as they battled their way to new personal bests. Pacing others is a selfless act that has you place the needs of others above your own. To those who know Melissa it’s no surprise that she would take to pacing naturally.


She’s been known to pick up others who are struggling or who are having a bad day and encourage them to keep up, dragging them along so to speak in her vortex of positivity & distraction. No matter how rough of a day she might have, turning her energy away from focusing on herself to aiding others ends up turning her own run into something so much more. The impact she’s had on the running community can’t be denied, the hugs shared by once strangers at the finish line are like no other.


If you ask Melissa who inspires her, who motivates her to be a better person in real life her answer is swift. Her husband. Having a spouse that not only understands but also supports running can make all the difference in ones quest for success. His unwavering support & encouragement during training, along the route and often at the finish line, allow her to chase down her dreams and goals.


Melissa loves to draw people into the sport, if you find yourself talking to her for any length of time, don’t be surprised to find yourself talked into doing something you’d never really contemplated before. She has the ability to see the potential in others that they often don’t see themselves, for you will never truly know growth until you push past your comfort zone.