It is with great disappointment that the board, race committee and ambassadors of the WFPS Run must announce the cancellation of the 9th Annual WFPS Run, currently scheduled for Sunday, October 18th in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


After much discussion we have determined a live, in-person event of our size and nature is not possible to host in a safe and responsible manner for our runners, our volunteers, and the surrounding communities.  As an organizing committee, our number one priority has been and will continue to be the health and safety of our participants, volunteers, and community around us.


With the many rules and regulations put in place, we simply would not be able to host the event we have envisioned and the runner truly deserves. There would be no bag check, no expo, no post race hospitality tent, no pre race warming tent, an informal and disconnected start line and a finish line without all the feels of the hugs, high 5’s and celebration.


As promised, all registered runners will have the option to receive a full refund or defer their registration to WFPS Run 2021. We stand strongly behind our 100% worry free registration pledge of returning everyone’s money. Runners will find links below in the FAQ section on how to proceed and all participants will receive emails with information on how to defer or receive their refund.


In two weeks time on we will launch a WFPS Run Virtual Race platform.  A safe, exciting and affordable option for all our runners.  This option will include all the great runner schwag WFPS Run is known for plus a few surprises.  Keep posted to your email and our social media for details.


Stay safe, stay healthy, and we will see you at the biggest celebration of running this province has ever seen at the 10thAnnual WFPS Run in October 2021!




What factors did WFPS Run consider to make a decision?

The board and race committee reviewed information and current guidelines from the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg. Specifically the board and committee reviewed:


  1. The Government of Manitoba’s current position that “…mass gatherings are not permitted anytime sooner than September 2020.” As it relates to our permit and supplier commitment timelines.
  2. The recent July 23rd announcement of Phase 4 re-opening plans that delayed any increase in outdoor group gatherings until further notice
  3. The current Phase 3 policy mandating, “ Larger outdoor gatherings are permitted, provided the gathering can be physically divided into sub-groups of 100 or fewer. Each sub-group must be able to arrive, depart and participate in the gathering without co-mingling with members from any other sub-group. Adequate physical distancing must continue to be provided for all participants.”
  4. The City of Winnipeg is following The Province of Manitoba recommendations and event permits are not being issued for large-scale events such as ours at this time.


Further to item #3, the board and committee felt it would be nearly impossible to maintain and ensure runners would not intermingle, or even accidentally engage with one another before, during or after the race, even if these groupings were increased at a future time.  To adhere to these rules would have forced runners off the race site immediately as they crossed the finish line to allow the next group of runners to enter the race site. To safely manage these grouping guidelines, and accommodate our usual 3,500 runners, we calculated having to host our event at minimum of two to four consecutive days.


Why are you able to give refunds this year? Last year you were unable?


In 2019, our event received less that 48 hours notice that it was being cancelled due to the City of Winnipeg’s state of emergency; at that time we had already paid all of our suppliers for the event. In 2020, we had more time to make a strategic decision, and chose to hold all registration money allowing us to offer a refund or deferral before committing to suppliers.


WFPS Run has been and will always be transparent on how our event finances work. We are here to support charity, community and host the annual running event. We do not put this event on to profit, as we are not a business. We run on volunteer power.


How can I defer or get a refund for the 2020 WFPS Run?

If you wish to defer, you don’t need to do anything!  Just sit back and we will move your registration over to 2021.


If you want a refund, please check your email (and Junk Mail) for instructions.  If for any reason you don’t get an email, you can use this link to submit request.

All refund requests MUST BE SUBMITTED BY MONDAY, AUGUST 31ST. Any requests after this date will not be considered.


All refunds will be processed at one time on Tuesday, September 1st, not any earlier.


What about the Heart and Stroke Foundation, will they still receive a donation?

All registrations to date, that included a gift to the Foundation, will be forwarded to HSF.  Our online fundraising platform remains intact for the virtual event. 


Tell me more about WFPS Run Virtual 2020? 

WFPS Run is excited to announce a virtual run in 2020.  Runners will get all the usual runner schwag at a very affordable price. Every runner would receive a beautiful custom finishers medal, a high quality Brooks tech running shirt, and a souvenir race bib.


Registration and details will be sent out soon! Stay tuned to your email and our social media channels!