WFPS Run Ambassador – Cheryl Stewart

cheryl s

Name:  Cheryl Stewart

Hobbies:  watching an absurd amount of movies & documentaries, doing activities with my family, travelling as much as I can to far-away places, taking crazy amounts of photos, going to rock concerts while trying to re-live my youth, watching hockey and of course, RUNNING! I really enjoy the social aspect of attending run clubs as well.

Hometown: Born in Toronto, but Winnipeg has my heart

How many years have you run the WFPS: This year will be my 3rd

Favorite thing about the WFPS Run: The atmosphere starting at the race expo. There is a buzzing of excitement when people come to pick up their race kits!

If this is your first race, the volunteers will give you a pep talk and some strong encouragement! You’ll also get a high 5 if you are a returning runner and the volunteers will cheer you on with a big “whoo-hoo” if they’ve participated in all 5 previous years!

Even the non-runners who accompany their friends who are picking up their race kits get pumped up too!!

There is also no better place to have some pre-race bonding than at the WFPS Race! Share your pre-race jitters together early in the morning & share your excitement of walking the starting lineup with your friends.! Let’s not forget the obligatory social media photos too!

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