WFPS Run Ambassador – Renée Desjardins

Name: Renée Desjardins

Hobbies: Chasing sunrises and sunsets all over the world; running (of course!); hiking; reading; writing; camping.

Hometown: Where the heart is (long version). Ottawa (short version).

How many years have you run the WFPS Run: This will be my 3rd.

Favorite thing about the WFPS Run: Not quite sure what it is (the Torchia touch?) but this is undeniably one of the most happy and positive race environments I’ve ever experienced. Last year I had the pleasure of cruising with the 2hr pace crew for most of the race (shout out to j Lambert for stellar pacing work) and running with one of my best gal pals, Celia. The goal was to keep the run happy – mission accomplished! It was probably one of the most memorable races of my run career. There was so much on the course to keep us going, which was nice. Looking forward to this year!