WFPS Run Ambassador – Junel Malapad


junel m

Name: Junel Malapad

Hobbies: Running, Photos while running, Home renovations, Sleeping, Fishing, Campfire beers.

Hometown: Winnipeg, born in Philippines

How many years have you run the WFPS: I have run the Half Marathon distance the last 3 years.

Favorite thing about the WFPS Run: There is actually many things I really like about the WFPS Run. Up there on my list is that it’s a fall race. Weather is usually great for running the changing colors of the trees make for a visually appealing course. Free race photos, high quality merchandise, and the PR bell is a real motivator to do your best. The volunteers, and race committee make it the best they possibly can by giving such a positive experience. Having said all that, the most favorite thing about the WFPS Run is that all proceeds raised through personal donations and pledges go directly to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Both my parents, and several members of my family have been affected by heart and stroke issues.