Carol Lacey


Featured Runner – August

Carol Lacey

Age: 72 years young
Hobbies: Reading
Job: Retired
Mantra: A mile is just a mile

Meet Carol!

Carol is living proof that age is really just a number and the only limitations you face are those in your own head. Carol started running at the age of 68 after reading a few inspirational articles in Runners World magazine. It was something that had always intrigued her and Carol has never been one to run away from a challenge.

When she was 50 she learned how to play the piano, another lifelong desire of hers and at 52 learned how to swim. It seems only natural that her road of self-discovery that started late in life, would lead her to the running community.

She approached a local run store and found herself signing up for a learn to run clinic. She was worried that the “real runners” would think her foolish, would judge this book by its cover and dismiss her. She found out that it wasn’t the case. Like most who find homes in the variety of running communities around the city she found herself always welcomed and accepted.  Many looked up to her for starting her journey when most are looking to slow down in life.

Her first run didn’t go very well. She found herself lagging behind the rest of the group, feeling disheartened. She wondered out loud if this was really for her, if this was really going to work. She was met with resounding encouragement that yes she could indeed do it if she was willing to put in the work.  So put in the work she did. Carol has tackled a variety of 5 km races and is always seen with a smile on her face.

When asked how running has helped her in life, her answer was a familiar one. Escape. Carol finds solace and comfort in running; running has helped her deal with the curve balls that life has thrown her way. This year Carol faced tragedy head on and found herself feeling lost, anchorless and angry.  Running fell by the wayside as she struggled to find her way back through her grief, to the bright light that she is to all who know her. Eventually she decided to lace up and run and in that moment found the peace she’d been looking for.

All of her problems melted away as she focused on putting one foot in front of the other, in those brief moments on the run she was able to focus on just one thing; surviving the run. Everything else became muted. Before long she found her eyes locked firmly on a new prize. What is that new prize you ask? Well Carol has decided that she will be running her first half marathon at the WFPS event! When asked what prompted the jump from 5km to ½ marathon her answer was succinct. She wants to see how far she can go and she doesn’t intend to let the opportunity pass her by.

To anyone who’s sitting on the fence about running, to anyone who feels like their chance to change up their life has passed them by, Carol has one thing to say. Do it, take the leap, make the change, step outside your comfort zone and don’t let the words of others persuade you otherwise. Don’t let the limitations that others have set for themselves impact the choices you want to make for your life.

It is never too late in life to start a new chapter; your story is still unwritten.