Christopher Hart

Featured Runner – August

Name: Christopher Hart

Age: 27

Occupation: Recent graduate from the “Manitoba Emergency Services College in Brandon”
Hobbies: Running, Cycling, Film Aficionado
Mantra: Just keep moving – the journey is the destination

Meet Christopher!
Christopher started running back in 2014. His first race was the Fargo 10km event and he was instantly hooked. The atmosphere was electric and the enthusiasm from the locals was palpable, making the day a memorable one for all involved. The decision to start running wasn’t one he took to immediately.  His mom was the runner in the family and had shed 90lbs through running and he found the changes it made in her life inspiring.

His decision to tackle the Fargo 10km came, like for many, when all of the people surrounding him were making the journey south of the border for an epic weekend of running and shopping. He didn’t *actually* want to run, but in his mind you couldn’t really go if you weren’t running, so he signed up. In the end he enjoyed the event so much that he signed up for the WFPS ½ marathon in the fall when he returned.

Since that day he has run 7 half marathons and 3 Marathons. The marathon is his current preferred distance to race as he finds the challenge an undeniable one. The race for him doesn’t start until mile 20 when one is forced to dig deep to make it to the end. When the inevitable suck starts he just reminds himself one foot at a time and to keep moving forward.

Christopher chose the first responder field as a career path after being faced with a few unsetting situations that forced him into action. The switch flipped and he realized that his first response was to act and not react and then his journey began. Training for a Marathon and going to the academy proved to be a challenge in itself. Finding the time to train was hard and not unlike many he was forced to split up his runs in order to get the distance done.

In his spare time he likes to hit the trails in Birds Hill Park and Whittier Park on his mountain bike. He loves the thrill of tackling technical single track and not unlike trail runners, the joy comes in not letting the course beat you…or more specifically cause you to eat dirt.

His goal in life is to do what many high profile runners in Winnipeg have achieved. No…not qualify for Boston, but to travel to races, not just in North America, but all over the world. His dream would be to run the marathon in Japan someday.

When you ask him what he loves about running the answer is a familiar one. The people, the community.  The fascinating thing about running is that it forces you to meet and interact with people that you may have never had the opportunity to even talk to. It brings together people from all walks of life and from all professions. Every race you go to offers you up the opportunity to catch up with many familiar faces that you don’t get to see on a regular basis. The running community is rich in it’s diversity, it doesn’t matter what run club you run with we all unite with our love of running.