Dave Sims


Featured Runner – July

Dave Sims

Age: 45
Occupation: Journalist
Mantra: Go with the flow
Hobbies: Listening to podcasts, reading

Meet Dave!

Dave is one of the warmest, kind hearted souls you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. He’s a quiet man; one of few words until you get to know him then his dry one liners will come out of nowhere and leave you laughing until tears roll down your face.

When Dave walks in for run club, it’s like a scene out of Cheers but instead of hearing “Norm” you hear “Dave”! It’s clear from talking to those who know Dave that he’s a gem. Dave started running in January of 2015. When you ask him what prompted him to not only start running, but start at the time that is notoriously the coldest part of the year that sends many runners indoors the answer was familiar.

He was looking for change; he’d always liked the idea of being active and the idea of running but was always hesitant to take the plunge. Like many he found that running cleared his head of the stress and worries that his day to day life brought him.

His first run was a tough one and he found himself walking back asking if it would get easier. The people surrounding him assured him it did, so Dave kept coming back. Slowly Dave found himself being able to run farther, run longer and become stronger.  Over the years a variety of people have had the pleasure of running with Dave and all noticed a common thread. No matter how cold it was, how hot, if he was hurting, if he was struggling Dave never complained. Ever.

When asked how he manages to maintain such a positive attitude, why he never complains he seemed surprised. His answer was a simple one. It’s all about perspective. Sure you can cry and moan about the little things, but when there are people in your life who struggle, who face so much adversity on a day to day basis just getting through their day, it seems silly to complain about the weather or sore calves. Dave doesn’t take running for granted; he appreciates his time on the road and the peace of mind it brings him.

Dave is one of the runners who loves to run in the winter. He finds the cooler temperatures much easier to manage than our blistering heat and often enjoys hearing the crunch of the snow under his shoes. One of the things he loves about the snow and the cold is that it seems to level the playing field. People slow down, literally and mentally. There’s less pressure to “keep up with the pack”, a feeling every runner has experienced at some point in their life.

His favourite distance to run is 3km and his goal is to work his way towards running a 10km race. A goal he hopes to attain in 2019. A goal that we have no doubt he will achieve.
When asked what advice he would give to someone looking at getting into running his answer was simple. Believe in yourself; don’t let the limitations of others limit yourself. The human body was designed, was born to run, we’ve just forgotten how to. You have to have faith that you can and will succeed as long as you put in the work.

Wise words from a man who continues to inspire and motivate everyone around him.