WFPS Run Ambassador – Jessica Wylychenko

Meet WFPS Run Ambassador 

Name: Jessica Wylychenko 

Hobbies: running obviously, cooking, baking, eating, going out to eat, total foodie & wino, peanut butter obsession. I LOVE cooking for people and feeding them. I enjoy going out for cocktails and food with friends/family. Trying new workouts and activities. +++social person and enjoy anything where other people are involved and having a good time.

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba though I was raised in the country, small town in the inter lake MB called Dallas, MB, no not TEXAS actually in Manitoba.

How many years have you run the WFPS: 2018 was my first year. And I accomplished what I set out to do.

Favourite thing about the WFPS Run: The sense of community and the vibes. Very positive vibes, helpful people and the energy on race day was dynamic. They really made me feel special and valued after crossing the finish line. It was well organized and the food choices were on point 100%  – yum!!