Jo Lane

Featured Runner – July


Jo Lane
Age: 44
Job: Financial Accountant
Mantra: Get your a** moving
Hobbies: Stripping logs for the homestead, gardening & canning, canoeing
Favourite Distance: It’s the journey that matters not the number.


Meet Jo!

Jo blames her sister Carrie as the reason she runs. It was after a family health scare on Christmas Eve 7 years ago that her sister started running, however Jo wasn’t overly interested in getting into the sport that her sister seemed to love so much. Like so many though, Jo found herself dealing with depression. Everything seemed to be piling up against her and one day her sister showed up, took her to buy running shoes and informed her that she was going to start running. Who was Jo to argue?



So run she did. Her first race was the Santa shuffle and outside of the weather, the thing she remembers the most about that finish line was the strong sense of community. Word had spread that she would be running her first event and by the time she was finishing her final loop the finish line had become her own personal cheering section. Total strangers cheered her on, strangers supporting strangers; this felt like a community Jo wanted to be a part of.



If you know Jo you know she’s given up running roads for trails. Like so many she finds peace and mental clarity on them. She feels a connection with nature and considering her deep love of outdoors it seemed like a natural transition. She finds that the trails are easier on her body *and* mind and allows her to appreciate all of Mother Nature’s wonderful creations.



While you’ll often find Jo running the trails, you don’t often find her there on race day. Jo prefers to give back to the community that has given so much to her. You’ll often find her at the finish line, ringing her cowbell and looking after runners needs after the finish line fanfare has died down. She’s also captained aid stations and worked tirelessly through the night to make sure that every runner that comes through her station has what they need to make it to the next checkpoint. Whether that’s a grilled cheese sandwich, a hug or reassuring words that the goal is still in play, that they CAN finish.



If you ask any runner who’s had the fortune of a race day encounter with Jo, you’ll hear a never ending stream of stories about how she had a huge impact on their race. That without her help, her motivation, they might not have ever made it to that much sought after finish line. Those that were taken out of their race early, who faced the bitter disappointment of their race ending sooner than they’d planned also had the sting softened by her kind words and huge heart.



When asked what words of advice would she give to runners who were intrigued by the idea of running trails her answer was swift. Do it. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, it doesn’t matter if you fall, it doesn’t matter how far you go all that matters is that you take the first step. Life is too short to not take risks, to not step outside your comfort zone.



If you asked Jo who inspires and motivated her in real life her answer is immediate. Her sister. The little sister who dragged her out the door for her first run, who plant the seeds for every epic journey Jo has taken. The sister who has held her accountable in her training and lifted her up when she’s needed it most; the sister who placed that very first medal around her neck.



Jo is the personification of the heart of trail running; she tirelessly gives of herself to others. She’s found more confidence in her sense of self through running and has experienced growth she wouldn’t have if not for her love of the run. If you ever have the opportunity to give back, take it for you truly never know where it might lead you in the journey of life; or whom you might end up taking care of along the way.