Lydia Michaelis

Featured Runner – June

Lydia Michaelis
Age: 58
Hobbies: Orienteering, yoga, cooking, her grandchildren & cycling
Job: Printer Broker
Mantra: You’ve come this far, you can’t quit now.

Meet Lydia! Lydia has a smile that literally lights up a room when she walks in. Like her smile, her laughter is contagious. Those who find themselves in a room with Lydia end up drawn to her and before long end up deep in conversation about running or if you’re lucky about food. Lydia loves to cook and those who run with her often get treated to delicious treats post run.

Lydia ran her first event at the 5ish fun run back in 2011. It wasn’t a guarantee that she was going to run it though. She was talked into signing up for a Learn to Run clinic after walking into a local running store. The first night of the clinic Lydia decided that maybe she wouldn’t even go in the store…she’d drive by it. After all, there *was* a mall close by. Upon arriving at the store, she decided that maybe she would go inside and hear what they had to say, but she was NOT going to run.

Upon hearing what everyone had to say, she thought “well, I’m here, I’m dressed, I’ll try it but I’m NOT going to like it!”, and so the journey down the rabbit hole began. Lydia has run with the Running Rooms, City Park Runners, MEC, Stride ahead and currently finds herself running with a local running group called the Turtles, who formed as result of a Trail Run Manitoba clinic.

Lydia finds herself on the trails these days. Trail running allows her to connect with both herself and with nature. The forest has always been a happy place for her and being able to set foot to trail brings her an inner peace that she simply can’t find anywhere else. Running trails brings a clarity to her and allows her to replenish her soul. She trades the sounds of car horns and the smell of exhaust for the sounds of warblers singing and the smell of pine needles.

Like many of us Lydia finds that running allows her a deeper clarity. It washes away all the problems that in the moment seem overwhelming, but after a run seem smaller. The drama of life gone.

Lydia is a self professed “back of the pack runner” and encourages others to leave behind the fear of ‘being last’. Whether you run road or trails, getting off the couch and seeing the world from a whole new perspective is life changing.

When asked who inspires her in life, her answer was swift. Her mother. As a survivor of the war and concentration camps, her mother immigrated to Canada at the age of 17. Like most, she left everything behind and created a new life. Her mother’s life has not been easy and is filled with challenges; even now as she faces the golden hours of life she’s always happy, always finding the joy in her life. When Lydia finds her life getting tough she asks herself; what would mom do?

Lydia ran her first ever half marathon last year at the WFPS event. Unlike so many who let the world in on all of their goals, hopes and dreams, Lydia plays hers close to the vest. If you ask her what’s next for her, what’s the big goal, she smiles shyly and brushes off the idea of anything big. However the world of Ultra running has peaked her curiosity, not unlike the idea of running a half marathon did so many years ago. So keep your eyes peeled, we suspect big things lay ahead for Lydia…when she’s ready.
Running has no age limit, it’s never too late to start a new journey. Lydia’s desire for adventure is evident when you talk to her about her goals in life. Kayaking, ziplining, anything that could lead to an adventure is on her radar. We were made to move and she’s going to keep moving until she’s can’t. Her philosophy is to simply be happy.