WFPS Run Ambassador – Mel Nolan

Meet WFPS Race Ambassador Mel Nolan
Name: Mel Nolan
Hobbies: run, spin, all forms of pizza, sushi, wine, and peanut butter. travel… nothing gets me more excited than planning the next adventure.
Hometown: true Winnipegger
How many years have you run the WFPS: last year was my first WFPS Run… my most favourite race yet, my best race yet, and one I will continue to run every year now!
Favourite thing about the WFPS Run: that no matter what your goal is, or why you are showing up to the race, you are supported, seen, and being cheered on. the sense of community and the enthusiasm around the race is so special, and I am so excited to be that much more a part of it this year.